I have yet to meet a parent whose child was born with a manual. Being an effective and responsible parent is one of the most rewarding tasks of life, but is also one of the most challenging. The problems that children/teenagers today present are foreign to many parents since they have not been trained to navigate the complexities of this technological world we all live in. Our lives have become increasingly more intense and stressful. With the competition we all face whether at work or at school for our children, it is overwhelming and time to learn how to cope and manage these difficult and often trying times.
My parenting guidance and consultation will provide useful and specific tools to work with children and adolescents in a multitude of situations and problems. Things to learn and work on:

  • Understanding your Child and Teenager

  • Meet the Challenges of Cell Phones and Texting, Misuse of Computers, Social Media and Television

  • Encouragement versus Discouragement

  • The Misconception of Punishment and Reward

  • The Use of Natural and Logical Consequences

  • Be Firm Without Dominating

  • Show Respecting for the Child and Teenager

  • Induce Respect Others and Their Rights

  • Win Cooperation

  • Maintain Routine

  • Withdraw from Conflict

  • Action.....Not Words

  • The Art of How to Disengage

  • Follow Through....Be Consistent

  • Avoid that First Impulse: Do the Unexpected

  • Refrain from Overprotection


  • Have Fun Together

Parenting Consultation



Licensed and Board Certified Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist

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