Licensed and Board Certified Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist

Divorce Therapy

Husbands and wives get divorced, but when there are children involved the entire family goes through the divorce. Families have several tasks that need to be attended to during the separation and divorce, such as; reorganizing, communicating differently, creating new family systems, setting new rules and grieving. Children of families who experience divorce have higher rates of depression, anxiety and behavior problems and left untreated may lead to relationship problems later in life and other significant problems in adulthood. My practice specializes in helping a family to find new ways to move forward in life during and after divorce.

My goal is to help families:

  • Recover, restore and reconfigure family relationships.

  • Educate both parents on the multitude of effects of divorce on children/teens and the factors that impact their adjustment.

  • Help a family to reorganize into a functional 2 family system living in separate homes.

  • Help children/teenagers to recognize that no matter what ever happened in their family, their parents divorce is NOT their fault.

  • Help a family find new skills of relating to each other and to communicate in useful ways in order to make this most difficult transition for children tolerable.​

  • Work to strengthen individual households and especially help children to learn that both houses will most likely be different and to help them with managing these moves and transitions.

  • Work with each individual in the family to build a trusting rapport within the therapeutic process in order to learn and understand there experience with the divorce and how it has impacted themin the many different areas of their life.

  • Work closely with the Child Rep or Guardian ad Litem for the children in the family in order to make sure they are being heard, understood and represented outside of the legal system.

  • Advocate for the children and help parents to understand what is in their best interested regardless of the issues between them.

  • Teach parents how to parent their children in these most emotionally intense times and to help them remember that their children need a tremendous amount of understanding and empathy.

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